Our Olive Oil


Our oil is determined by a series of unique factors. The altitude and the exposure of the olive trees, which are located in one of the most fertile areas for the production of extra virgin olive oil: the hills of Valdarno Aretino, on the border with the province of Siena. A big part in its quality also plays our attention for the trees, harvesting and milling process. The olive oil is wholly cold-pressed, in order to preserve its characteristics and maintain the right balance between spicy and bitter.


We want to ensure that our olive oil reflects the best that the olives can offer. For this reason we collect them at a specific time of maturation and make a careful selection.

Cold pressing

The cold pressing process takes place exclusively in the oil mill located a few kilometres from our olive groves. It guarantees maximum quality of the olive oil and doesn’t compromise its organoleptic characteristics.

Our Olive Groves



It is distinguished by its dark green color, with yellow and golden reflections. It’s a fine, savory and aromatic olive oil, which leaves a fruity aftertaste, typical of Tuscan olive oil of high quality. Intense and bold, this extra virgin olive oil is particularly indicated with grilled red meat, game, boiled legumes, rustic soups and all other dishes with a rich taste.


With golden reflections and shades of green, this olive oil leaves a fresh, pleasantly bitter and spicy aftertaste. It recalls aromatic notes, similar to basil and mint. Because of its organoleptic characteristics, it’s perfectly suited to light dishes, based on vegetables. Yet, it also goes well with meats, especially the ones with a mild taste.