My way

I realised the dream that I’ve always had: a farm, plenty of animals and olive trees. My passion is now my work in a little valley between Valdarno and Crete Senesi. I dedicate all my time to the farm, living in the rhythm of the countryside: getting up at sunrise, attending to animals and doing a million things with dedication and pride.

In the evening I find myself looking at my hands covered with soil and tattoos and I feel fulfilled. I manage to unite my interest for products made the right way, my love for animals, alternative lifestyle and an absolute respect for nature. 

The same mix of factors is found in the soul of my olive oil and all the other products, born from my passion for the earth and from this piece of Tuscan hill that today is my whole life.



Eighteen dogs and four cats live with me and my partner in a stone country house, nestled in olive grove called Polpetta. A dozen of cows, goats and donkeys animate the farm and leave kids, who often come here on school tips, excited.

And then there is the olive oil, the product that for me is the most important, because it comes from olive trees which I see every morning looking through my window. Its production starts with hand-picking of olives together with farmers from the area, while I listen to their stories and make them discover some of the music that I love.

Together we select the olives and take them to the closest olive oil mill, so that they keep their flesh and flavour intact. I don’t know how unique is the final result, but I’m sure that it’s an authentic olive oil, able to tell the story of this land like few others.